Music Schedule

Activities and Workshops

Unique activities, workshops, and artist's experience are one of the things that set Jam Cruise apart. Check out what we have in the works for Jam Cruise 11!



Rockstar Karaoke – hosted by Matt Butler and Dan Lebowitz

Throw your name in the hat for your chance to sing your favorite tune as members of Everyone Orchestra, Tea Leaf Green, and ALO rock out!  You never know who might show up to play, or who you may get to sing with! 


Musical Bingo with Brock Butler & Nathan Moore

Taking Bingo up a notch – now you are not listening for a certain number, but a song!  You’ll have to know the names of the songs that Brock and Nathan play to make matches and win prizes such as festival tickets for Summer 2013!  Proceeds benefit Positive Legacy.

Yoga with Alicia Hebert and Rachel Lowen

Limber your muscles after long nights of dancing and re-center your spirit with 2 diverse styles of yoga!  Rachel will lead you on a fluid journey as she uses the element water to create juicy, playful, yet challenging poses that will get your body ready to move all night long!  Alicia teaches Classical Hatha Yoga and will focus movements on board to soothe muscles and create an environment for beginners through experienced levels. Times and location will be listed in the program.


Basically Frightened featuring Col. Bruce Hampton 

Ten years in the making, this film explores the inner workings of the masterful Col. Bruce Hampton with stories from his friends including Billy Bob Thornton, Dave Matthews, Bill Kreutzmann, John Bell, Mike Gordon, John Popper, and many others. View Trailer Here 

Jam Cruise Wedding Officiated by Femi Kuti

Bond together with your significant jammer with the powerful words of Femi Kuti, whose strong commitment to social and political causes will forge Positive Forces within your relationship!  There's never been a better chance on board Jam Cruise to feel the love.



The Annual Ivan Neville Texas Hold 'em Tournament

You might be tempted to throw your pocket aces in the Dumpsta, but stick it out and be the champ to win cash and some serious bragging rights (did someone say bounty on Ivan Neville's head?).  Sign up will be directly before the game - $60 buy-in folks.





Jamily Feud - hosted by Karl Denson 

If you think you're in the know, be a contestant on this year's Jamily Feud! We will be surveying music lovers all over the country with some trivial and wacky music questions. Show up early to this game show to get your name in the hat for your chance to play!



Pickin' Party with Hot Buttered Rum & Greensky Bluegrass

- Beatles Covers

This year's Pickin' Party pays homage to the incredibly catchy sounds of the most fabulous four! Bring your own pickin' strings and some fast-paced fancy fingering to this year's party.









Door Decorating Contest - Judged by Zoogma

Bring your funkiest decor and turn your door into a work of art! Creativity is key - Zoogma will be dancing down the halls looking for the most creative and funkified hallway explosion!






The Gong Show

The Gong Show hosted by Skerik
Think you’ve got the skills to beat the (((Gong)))? We are looking for talented Jam Cruisers to sign up and be a part of this funny game show. Be brave and prepared to make folks laugh (even if you didn’t mean to) –featuring judges Al Schnier, Mike Dillon, and Jeff Coffin! Sign Up Here 









Autograph Signings

This is an event not to be missed - not only do you get to turn your limited edition JC 11 poster into a prized autographed masterpiece, but you also get some face time with your favorite artists!




Cirque du Funk Menagerie Costume Contest

Come show off your creative costumes as Zion Godchaux of BoomBox, Mayteana Morales of Pimps of Joytime, and Erick Coombs a.k.a. Jesus of Lettuce judge and crown a winner of the Cirque du Funk Menagerie – this may be the biggest title ever to strut around Jam Cruise yet!


Headbangers Ball

Hosted by Spinal Tap - Get funkin' and rockin' for a set of musical madness.You best have your rock moves down as we will be judging your moves in a dance contest like none-other!Be the last one rocking out to revel in your own awesomeness!


Air Guitar Contest

Conjure up your air axes and get ready to jam out in Jam Cruise's Air Guitar Contest!Parade your skills across the stage and show your mastery of the popular guitar pick swoosh or the behind-the-head jam out! Sign up on the ship for this first come, first served rock-out event. Each performance is played to 1 minute (60 sec.) of a song the cruiser brings with them on their iPod. Check out the official Air Guitar rules HERE. Groupies allowed. 









Moog: Sonic Exploration Workshop

Ableton Certified Trainer Laura Escudé (aka Alluxe), Moog Engineer and Technologist August
Worley, and musician Ben Hovey, along with special guest JC Artists will lead Jam Cruisers through an interactive workshop focusing on sonic possibilities featuring Moog instruments and Ableton software. Including audience participation, the workshop will lead into an improvisational jam by all artists on stage highlighting technology that was discussed earlier in the workshop.

Moog: Interactive Sound Therapy Workshop

Learn the concept of bioresonance, the basis of sound and music therapy, as Reiki Master and Moog Technologist August Worley and select JC artists demonstrate techniques such as shamanic breath work, toning, & visualization to capture key elements in using music for entrainment.

Moog: Inspiration & Exploration Workshop

Featuring Laura Escudé (aka Alluxe), Ben Hovey, and select JC Artists – this workshop will discuss and demonstrate modern composition, remixing, and performance techniques integrating traditional instruments with modern technology, using recent remixes of M83 and Polica.


Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood - Between the Beats

John Medeski, John Scofield, Billy Martin and Chris Wood have been experimenting and crossing musical genres for more than 20 years. In this workshop they will share their ideas and approaches to collaborative songwriting, developing technique, and how they continue to evolve musically. You'll also hear stories from their long, dynamic careers – both together and apart. This will be a very special chance to hear them up close!


Femi Kuti and Steel Pulse Present: The Power of Music for Social Change

This is a rare chance to hear from Femi Kuti as he continues his father Fela Kuti's quest to enlighten Africa and the world with the power of music. Femi says, "I believe music has a role to play. Music will always be part of the quality of life." Also hear from Steel Pulse as they speak of the changes they are singing about for Jamaica, and the activism that leads to a better life for us all!  Come prepared to be enlightened. 


BaDuanJin - Eight Silken Movements Led by Karl Denson

This ancient Chinese Qigong centering, dating back to Circa 1000, was passed down for thousands of years as a way to promote longevity, youth, energy and health.  The BaDuanJin is broken down into eight separate fluid exercises, each focusing on a different physical area and qi meridian.  Learn and practice as Karl D shines a light on this ancient energy-centering exercise, and balance your Chi for the long nights ahead. 


Theme Nights

This is Spinal Cruise - This One Goes to 11

Jam Cruise 11 goes one louder - one lock of hair frayed further - one head banged heavier - one rip roarin scream belted harder - get ready to live it up like a God or Goddess of Rock!That's right, we're rocking Poesia through the water with the force of 80's hair metal. Pull out your perfectly faded concert tee, lace up those leather boots, and preen your hair to the most fabulous nearly-mullet 'do you can muster! Join us this gnarly night for the Headbangers Ball and the Air Guitar Contest. This one goes one louder!



Blue Lagoon Boogaloo


This is your night to shine your bluest colors bright!Last year we went Green by the masses and colored our world in epic proportions.This year we are turning to the sea and the sky for inspiration as we go Blue, the color of true rock royalty. Blue has so many meanings and powerful feelings – let your inner cobalt through as we boogie down and Boogaloo above The Greatest Lagoon of Blue!Azure yourself from head to toe and rage the blue night into dawn!



Cirque du Funk

This is the night, Jam Cruise pays special tribute to the fantastical circus of our past, present and future– from the simplest buskers and Bearded Ladies to the grand lavish Aerialist– where the mysteries of life are captured and played out before our very eyes.Your inspiration will come alive as you hit the dance floor with Strongmen and Voodoo Ladies. Let your senses awaken as you encounter surprises around every corner.Turn to Vaudeville for inspiration – the ship is your playground. Remember, this is no ordinary Circus, this is a Jam Cruise Circus, so funk it up and prepare to parade!




Jam Room

One of the greatest aspects of Jam Cruise is the spontaneous musical collaborations that occur throughout the ship. Never before seen sit-ins are frequent all week long. Various players flow on and off the stage like a seamless wave of rhythm. Jams happen, songs happen, new bands are born and moments are embraced by all until the sun comes up!


This year's hosts include:

Karl Denson

Mike Dillon

Brian J

Dan Lebowitz

Joey Porter



Lifers & Repeat Offenders

The inaugural class of Lifers was inducted onboard Jam Cruise 10. To reward the diehards who have sailed on every cruise, Lifers can take advantage of a priority booking lane in the port and a VIP line at the autograph signing.


Repeat Offenders are our biggest fans, and also the heart and soul of what keeps this magical event afloat. You're inducted as a Repeat Offender once you've attended 4 or more Jam Cruises. Acquiring such a title comes with special gifts and perks each year, including a party on-board Jam Cruise 11. When you're walking around the ship and you see someone sportin a robe don't think it means they just left the spa - they are merely showing off their RO status and feeling the love. 

Brews At Sea


Magic Hat Brewing Company is the Official Craft Beer on Jam Cruise 11. Magic Hat will be served at all bars throughout the ship for your drinking pleasure!



The Brews at Sea program brings some of the best microbrews from around the country to Jam Cruise 11. Pick up your drink tickets on board and join us on the Pool Deck to enjoy the hoppy goodness of our Brews at Sea participants including Magic Hat Brewing Company, Bulington, VT, Sweetwater Brewing Company, Atlanta, GA, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Petaluma, CA, Breckenridge Brewery, Denver, CO, and NOLA Brewing Company, New Orleans, LA. Complimentary Magic Hat beer will be available at the Sail Away Party while supplies last.



Piano in the Atrium

The Piano Sets in the Atrium are an intimate chance to witness some
great pianists in an unplugged setting. The featured performers this year include:

JJ Grey
Ivan Neville
Kyle Hollingsworth
Nigel Hall
Zach Gill


Each port stop brings exciting opportunities to explore new places, experience a vast array of cultural influences, try new foods and flavors, give back to the people who live in these island destinations, and much more. Excursion sign-ups will be held on board at the Excursion Desk. Spots fill up fast, so be sure to stop by the desk as soon as possible.

Ultimate Snorkeling with Matt Pitts, Gabe Mervine and Jans Ingber from The Motet


Join us for the Ultimate Snorkeling Adventure with members of The Motet! You will explore the pristine coral and varied tropical fish of Horseshoe Reef and Round Cay with the friendly, knowledgeable crew guiding you through the reef system. The adventure guides will provide you with all your snorkeling equipment and give you a safety briefing along with instructions on the use of the gear.


Catamaran Sailaway Snorkel & Beach with Katie Presley, Billy Carnese, Daniel Lamb, Anthony Meade and Ryan Moore from MarchFourth Marching Band


Sail the clear, turquoise waters in a spacious seventy-eight foot catamaran along white sandy beaches up the coast of Grand Turk. On the first stop you will experience an unforgettable snorkeling adventure in an underwater coral reef paradise with the bright tropical fish of the Caribbean. Then sip a cool drink as you sail along the coast of Grand Turk to your next stop on a private beach. Take time to sink your toes into the soft white sand as you unwind and discover the treasures of the island.

MSC Cruises cannot be held responsible for program changes relating to local holidays or for closing times and/or any other local occurrences that prevent the complete or partial execution of the excursions.

Excursions depend on a minimum number of participants being reached; in case this minimum is not reached any tour may be cancelled. On some excursions, a maximum number of participants is envisaged.


Shore excursions are offered for your enjoyment at a moderate extra cost. Each tour is operated in the various ports of call by local tourist service companies. The excursions listed above are not under the control of Cloud 9 Adventures, LLC: hotel stays, car rentals, sightseeing excursions, dive programs, shore-side restaurants, transportation by air, rail, bus, or other means, and any other service provided by a third party. The arrangements are made only as a convenience to the passenger. Cloud 9 Adventures, LLC shall not be liable for services and facilities provided by independent contractors resulting in any loss, damage, injury, death, or illness nor cost of any delay or cancellation. Cloud 9 Adventures, LLC acts only as sales and marketing agents for the purpose of booking travel arrangements. Cloud 9 Adventures, LLC expressly disclaim any responsibility for personal injury, property damage, loss, delay, inconvenience, or other matters due to negligence, wrongful acts, errors or omissions on the part of any third party, or any supplier of services of goods or of agents selected by you or your travel agent.


Jam Cruise partners have the unique opportunity to showcase products and provide interactive experiences in a luxurious and intimate setting before a captive audience for 5 days. Custom activations are available all throughout the ship, please contact our sponsorship coordinator for more information.